David T. Boddie

Executive Director, Federal Allies Institute

David Boddie is founder and executive director at the Federal Allies Institute. In this capacity, Boddie is responsible for developing and implementing policies and programs that promote U.S. business opportunities and investment and federal acquisition best practices. He works closely with Institute member companies and business and government leaders to advance and broaden commercial and federal relationships. 

Boddie came to found the Institute after serving as Vice President, Strategic Planning of Quantum Communications, an innovative first-to-market startup rapidly expanding to 45 employees that went on to successfully capture market share from Monster.com, HotJobs.com and The Washington Post.  Bodde maintains a 30 year relationship with the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy (SBA) where he served director of the Office of State and Local Affairs during the Ronald W Reagan Administration and George HW Bush Administration.  He focused on educating members of Congress, State Governor Office Small Business Representatives and State Legislators on federal and state policy recommendations and programs for small business. Boddie was State and Local representative to the SBA Office of Interagency Affairs and SBA Office of Economic Research.  He managed a White House Intern program for the Agency.

Boddie communicated benefits of trade, financial investment and advanced the Administration’s small business agenda on Capitol Hill by Chief Counsel testimony before the Senate and House Small Business Committees.  Boddie was executive director of National Association of State Small Business Advocates, SBA National Policy Conferences for State Legislators and published a national directory of innovative small business policy and finance.  Boddie facilitated SBA Disaster Loans while a FEMA Joint Field Office and Disaster Recovery Center manager for Hurricane Katrina.

For Unisys Corporation and Unisys Federal Systems, Boddie was corporate liaison to Presidential Initiatives and Fortune 500 Partnerships.  At Unisys, Boddie  worked with Battelle Memorial Institute to develop, implement and analyze the Unisys 28,000 employee Annual Personnel Survey.  At a time when Unisys Federal Systems hired 2,000 IT professionals per year, the advent of the internet for personnel recruitment brought forth many promises, new vendors and products offering partial solutions and utility during the era, that included the startups of Monster.com and HotJobs.com.  Promises of efficiency and cost reduction were offered but not sustained usually due to software developers lack of knowledge of a working human resources recruitment office, and a hesitant recruiter community comfortable in doing business in more traditional ways.

To improve Unisys Human Resources Recruitment metrics, Boddie authored a comprehensive personnel research study.  He then hired George Mason University Department of Computational and Data Sciences to assist.  Boddie's research went on to improve Unisys recruitment metrics.  A co-authored version was presented at Society of Human Resource Management Annual EMA Conference on Human Resources Strategies for Recruitment on the Web presented in Houston, TX,  and Boddie's expertise was recruited by The Washington Post for new projects Digital Ink and the forerunner WashingtonJobs.com.  Further, the primary strategy was core to a startup small business Quantum Communications Group dba IT Recruiter that gained $10 million venture capital and rapidly expanded to 100 clients of defense contractors, IT and federal agencies.  Staff: 5 administration, 16 sales, 3 editorial, 1 radio show producer and 1 talk show host, and 20+ freelance reporters, 2 events, 1 distribution and worldwide career fairs, expos, and corporate open houses across America, Reading England, and Bangalore India.  Boddie was Co-Owner in charge of Strategic Planning and product and service development.

After the Ronald W. Reagan Administration and during the George H.W. Bush Administration, Boddie worked for the Republican Party in Washington, DC, as RNC Deputy White House Liaison on Capitol Hill and coordinated White House meetings and the process for screening and recruitment of Presidential Appointees to serve in the Administration and on Presidential Boards and Commissions and Ambassadorships. 

For the George W. Bush presidential campaign, Boddie directed a 1,000 volunteer grassroots organization, coordinated national record-breaking fundraisers in Metro Washington, DC and worked in conjunction with Bush-Cheney 2004 in Michigan.  Boddie was selected Captain - Silver Zone, Presidential Inaugural Parade National Special Security Event for the 55th Presidential Inaugural Committee 2004.  For the RNC he worked campaigns in Connecticut, Georgia, and Ohio, plus Oklahoma, and Virginia through 2006, successfully directing political and grassroots strategies.   

For Trump-Pence 2016, Boddie served as a campaign advisor on behalf of the Ronald W. Reagan Alumni Association and coordinated 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee 2017 major private events for contributors of over $25,000 and the National Special Security Event for Veterans, A Salute to Our Armed Forces Presidential Inaugural Ball also known as the Uniform Ball.

Earlier in his career, Boddie worked for economic development organizations and held a variety of positions, including economic development director, legislative director, and executive vice president and president. Boddie earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism and advertising from Oklahoma State University’s School of Media and Strategic Communications.  Boddie is a graduate, class president and class advisor of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institutes for Organization Management; and graduate of the Chamber’s Workforce Development Institute and The George Washington University Washington Representative Program.

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